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    Our team principles are those of trust, open exchange, personal responsibility, and encouraging success for all areas of work and life. We believe that establishing meaningful relationships lead to better performance and a bit of providence when faced with challenges.

    Acumen Industries was formed in 2002 to harness the evolving skill and knowledge gained in the workplace. Bring it to bear upon new and complex challenges faced in the worlds of design and technology. The intent was to take "process fragments" to the next level of understanding and deploy them into the workplace as complete actions. Our use of computers and software, to assist in the decision-making process, often lead to an incomplete understanding of the actions and decisions necessary to provide sound decisions. We therefore sought to provide more visibility and control to the decision-making process and documentation of the work-flow process.

    We are integrating the full gambit of experience from many experts in the construction, architecture, engineering and design industries. We have a research staff of professionals looking in to the possible futures of industry and design. In addition to our ongoing design, analysis, and modeling efforts, we are striving to publish information that will help companies move forward with their plans. We study work flows, desktop interface protocols, industry semantics, hierarchy structures, and software integration. Our individual professions provide us the opportunity to work in a rich environment that expands our own understanding of the impact of our decisions. We seek to fulfill our lives and those of our clients.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    When do I need a specialty engineer for my project?

    Structures that utilize materials such as aluminum, glass, fabric, and composites as primary structural elements are often unfamiliar to typical structural engineers, they require a specialty engineer familiar with their performance limitations and design criteria. These materials, as structural elements, are often not discussed in building codes and rely on persons in the industry to provide guidance and design solutions to a project.


    When is the best time to involve a specialty engineer? Isn't my project structural engineer sufficient?

    Complex, performance-based structures that support themselves from a primary building structure are often given insufficient design time or consideration by the building structural engineer. They are often designed very conservatively with the assumption that a final design will be done later by a consultant or contractor.

    Getting someone involved early will allow the project structural engineer to include the required elements for performance-based systems in to the main structure. Some cable systems and vault structures can introduce significant forces in to the supporting systems.


    What is the impact of using a specialty engineer later, rather than sooner?

    The impact can be minimal or very drastic depending upon the system deployed. Often local reinforcing is all that is required. However, some systems will require a redesign by the structural engineer or more often a compromise to the architectural design intent.


    What are the costs involved in hiring a specialty engineer?

    A specialty engineer can end up saving you money when a project is completed. Their task is to provide an optimized design using appropriate design tools and methods. They will often save material weight and have a positive impact on the amount of time necessary for coordination and installation. The cost per area for having an specialty engineer are minimal when compared to the material and installation costs per area.

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    Acumen Industries works with each client to supply the finest products and materials. Our rich experience in both the domestic and international markets helps us to source the right product to meet the most demanding criteria. Our work with manufacturers and suppliers provides us the edge to produce custom product that is world-class.

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    Our team of highly experienced designers and engineers produce a complete project package. From initial design through to final installation, our team gives the people involved the information they require for a successful project. With our commitment to follow-up and follow-thru, we do what it takes to make every project a success. We are with you from the beginning to the end.

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    Acumen Industries works with a variety of clients. From GCs, Architects, Glazers to Suppliers, Manufacturers, and more. Projects of all scales and sizes require our expertise to add just the right element to any structure. We provide support online, on-the-phone, and in the field. Our experienced staff provides the necessary guidance to ensure a safe and beautiful structure.

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    We serve a variety of markets across the building spectrum. From educational facilities to transportation infrastructure, Acumen Industries serves architects and builders in a variety of markets. We provide specific solutions for new construction and remodels. For us, your unique design vision is our inspiration to achieve.
    We serve your needs with canopies, walls, skylights, stairs, railings, entrances, flooring, cable-truss systems and cable-stayed systems.

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    We prefer to communicate electronically and via phone to reduce the amount of time required to respond and to keep our contribution to a 'paperless' office. If hard copies need to be sent, please contact us directly so that we can send them to the consultant directly responsible for your project.

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    Acumen Industries

    Our structural expertise are with overhead structures, vertical facades and everything in-between which use the following systems:
    Structural Glass Walls
    Point-Supported Glass
    Complex Surface Geometry Facades
    Cable-net Facades and Enclosures
    Cable-Supported Facades
    Cable Stayed Roofs
    Cable Truss Roofs

    Fabric, Metal Clad, Foil Structures
    Metal Stressed Skin
    Clear-Span Grid Shells
    Long Span Trusses (Roofs, Bridges)
    Interior Structures and Sculptures
    Glass staircases
    Glass flooring
    Glass Handrail and Guardrails
    Custom entry systems
    Custom hardware

    Our consultants each provide a unique element to our solutions and customer support network. Our resource pool includes colleagues, professional associations, former clients and vendors. With a global reach and experience in countries all over the world, we will find the answers.

    Our primary consultants operate in So. California, Houston, and Doha, Qatar.

    (**) Disclaimer: Photos are indicative of completed project work indicating supply, design, and/or consulting. No ownership of the photos by Acumen Industries is assumed or implied. Photo ownership is maintained by original sources.

  • Portfolio / Structural Glass

    Structural Glass 01
    Structural Glass 02
    Structural Glass 03
    Structural Glass 04
    Structural Glass 05
    Structural Glass 06
    Structural Glass 07
    Structural Glass 08
    Structural Glass 09
    Structural Glass 10
    Structural Glass 11
    Structural Glass 12
    Structural Glass 13
    Structural Glass 14
    Structural Glass 15
    Structural Glass 16
    Structural Glass 17
    Structural Glass 18
    Structural Glass 19
    Structural Glass 20
    Structural Glass 21
    Structural Glass 22
    Structural Glass 23
    Structural Glass 24
    Structural Glass 25
    Structural Glass 26
    Structural Glass 27
    Structural Glass 28
    Structural Glass 29
    Structural Glass 30
    Structural Glass 31
    Structural Glass 32
    Structural Glass 33
    Structural Glass 34
    Structural Glass 35
    Structural Glass 36
    Structural Glass 37
    Structural Glass 38
    Structural Glass 39
    Structural Glass 40
    Structural Glass 41
    Structural Glass 42
    Structural Glass 43
    Structural Glass 44
    Structural Glass 45
    Structural Glass 46
    Structural Glass 47
    Structural Glass 48
    Structural Glass 49
    Structural Glass 50
    Structural Glass 51
    Structural Glass 52
    Structural Glass 53
    Structural Glass 54
    Structural Glass 55
    Structural Glass 56
    Structural Glass 57
    Structural Glass 58
  • Portfolio / Point-Support

    Point-Supported Glass 01
    Point-Supported Glass 02
    Point-Supported Glass 03
    Point-Supported Glass 04
    Point-Supported Glass 05
    Point-Supported Glass 06
    Point-Supported Glass 07
    Point-Supported Glass 08
    Point-Supported Glass 09
    Point-Supported Glass 10
    Point-Supported Glass 11
    Point-Supported Glass 12
    Point-Supported Glass 13
    Point-Supported Glass 14
    Point-Supported Glass 15
    Point-Supported Glass 16
    Point-Supported Glass 17
    Point-Supported Glass 18
    Point-Supported Glass 19
    Point-Supported Glass 20
    Point-Supported Glass 21
    Point-Supported Glass 22
    Point-Supported Glass 23
    Point-Supported Glass 24
    Point-Supported Glass 25
    Point-Supported Glass 26
    Point-Supported Glass 27
    Point-Supported Glass 28
    Point-Supported Glass 29
    Point-Supported Glass 30
    Point-Supported Glass 31
    Point-Supported Glass 32
    Point-Supported Glass 33
    Point-Supported Glass 34
    Point-Supported Glass 35
    Point-Supported Glass 36
    Point-Supported Glass 37
    Point-Supported Glass 38
    Point-Supported Glass 39
    Point-Supported Glass 40
    Point-Supported Glass 41
  • Portfolio / Stairs and Railing

    Stairs and Railing 01
    Stairs and Railing 02
    Stairs and Railing 03
    Stairs and Railing 04
    Stairs and Railing 05
    Stairs and Railing 06
    Stairs and Railing 07
    Stairs and Railing 08
    Stairs and Railing 09
    Stairs and Railing 10
    Stairs and Railing 11
    Stairs and Railing 12
    Stairs and Railing 13
    Stairs and Railing 14
    Stairs and Railing 15
    Stairs and Railing 16
    Stairs and Railing 17
  • Portfolio / Custom

    Custom Structures 01
    Custom Structures 02
    Custom Structures 03
    Custom Structures 04
    Custom Structures 05
    Custom Structures 06
    Custom Structures 07
    Custom Structures 08
    Custom Structures 09
    Custom Structures 10
    Custom Structures 11
    Custom Structures 12
    Custom Structures 13
    Custom Structures 14
    Custom Structures 15
    Custom Structures 16
    Custom Structures 17
    Custom Structures 18
    Custom Structures 19
    Custom Structures 20
    Custom Structures 21
    Custom Structures 22
    Custom Structures 23
    Custom Structures 24
  • Portfolio / Design Studio

    Design Studio 01
    Design Studio 02
    Design Studio 03
    Design Studio 04
    Design Studio 05
    Design Studio 06
    Design Studio 07
    Design Studio 08
    Design Studio 09
    Design Studio 10
    Design Studio 11
    Design Studio 12
    Design Studio 13
    Design Studio 14
    Design Studio 15
    Design Studio 16
    Design Studio 17
    Design Studio 18
    Design Studio 19
    Design Studio 20
    Design Studio 21
    Design Studio 22
    Design Studio 23
    Design Studio 24
    Design Studio 25
    Design Studio 26
    Design Studio 27
    Design Studio 28
    Design Studio 29
    Design Studio 30
    Design Studio 31
    Design Studio 32
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    Products 01
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    Products 03
    Products 04
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    Products 07
    Products 08
  • Portfolio / Industrial

    Industrial 01
    Industrial 02
    Industrial 03
    Industrial 04
    Industrial 05
    Industrial 06
    Industrial 07
    Industrial 08
    Industrial 09
    Industrial 10
    Industrial 11
    Industrial 12
    Industrial 13
    Industrial 14
    Industrial 15
    Industrial 16
    Industrial 17
    Industrial 18
    Industrial 19
    Industrial 20
    Industrial 21
    Industrial 22
    Industrial 23
    Industrial 24
    Industrial 25
    Industrial 26
    Industrial 27
    Industrial 28
    Industrial 29
    Industrial 30
    Industrial 31
    Industrial 32
    Industrial 33
    Industrial 34
    Industrial 35
    Industrial 36
    Industrial 37
    Industrial 38
    Industrial 39
    Industrial 40
    Industrial 41
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    Fabriq Video
    Fabriq Video
    Razor House Video 1
    Razor House Video 2